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  • Cannabis Infused Wine

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  • Contains CBD and Cannabis Derived Terpenes

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Jayde & Jeremy Fish - Special Edition

CannaVines CBD WineLimited Artist Series

Husband and Wife artists, Jeremy and Jayde Fish, each bring their original, unique styles to our first two debut CannaVines wines, our Red Blend & Headband (Jeremy) and Chardonnay & Sour Diesel (Jayde). Our first, full bodied terpene enhanced CannaVines wine matches impeccably with the pair’s distinct brands of quizzical, whimsical work.

Take a look at our line of

Cannabis Infused WineS

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Our Red Blend cannabis infused wine boasts specially designed flavors developed by our dedicated team. Coupled with one of our favorite cannabis strains, Headband, known for its hints of lemon and its affinity for relieving pain and accelerating stress relief.

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Chardonnay x Sour Diesel

The Chardonnay variety of our bespoke cannabis wine is grown in sunny Napa Valley California and posseses airy, tropical notes. When combined with the earthly, energetic Sour D, this wine promotes a pleasant cerebral sensation and a feeling of well being.

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Rosé x Grand Daddy Purple

Maybe the oldest type of wine recorded, combined with a staple of cannabis genetics, this Rosé is a rich blend of fresh, flavorful grapes which CannaVines has thoughtfully enhanced by infusing with our high quality CBD and Grand Daddy Purple terpenes. Our infused wine maintains its full, pure Rosé flavor profile and can act as a pain reliever and anxiety reducer.

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Bio Available
Cannabis Infused
Wine Makers

Cannabis [ˈkanəbəs]: Agenus of annual herbs that have leaves with three to seven elongate leaflets and pistillate flowers in spikes along the leafy erect stem. Infufused [inˈfyo͞oz ‘d]: To instill a quality into someone or something. Wine [wīn]: An alcoholic drink made from the fermented juice of specified fruits or plants. CannaVines [ˈkanə vahyns]

Bioavailable Cannabis Infused Wines mindfully crafted Napa Valley, California. The perfect balance between the world’s 2 most loved euphoria enhancing substances. A robust, fulfilling wine with an elegant blend of terpenes and CBD derived from Cannabis Sativa. To be enjoyed with old and new friends alike. info@cannavines.com

AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE ONLINE SOON! Currently available for tastings on Cannabis Tour’s Wine and Weed Tours and select cannabis infused dinners and events!

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Why Cannavines?

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  • Rich, Deep TerpensTannins &
    Distinct Terpenes Cannabinoids
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  • Muscadine +
    Cannabis =
    Wine Culture
    + Cannabis Culture
    = CannaVines Vibes
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The Ultimate Combination

Resveratrol and Cannabinoids

Every single human body is built with an Endocannabinoid System (ECS). It takes part in many biological functions in the human body including fertility, appetite, memory, mood, pain, and so much more. You can think of your ECS as a lock and key system. When you consume cannabis you are ingesting cannabinoids (or keys) that interact with cannabinoid receptors (or locks) that exist in your body from birth. This ingestion elevates the consumer in a way that only cannabis can.

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  • Mood
  • Memory
  • Motor Control
  • Immune Function
  • Reproduction
  • Pain Perception
  • Appetite
  • Sleep
  • bone Development
THE combined benefits of

Cannabis & Wine

Cannabis and moderate wine use can lead to a variety of health and well being associated benefits. When we merge the medicinal power of top shelf cannabis and the therapeutic properties of the hidden resveratrol within wine (in moderation!), YOU get CannaVines wine.

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Reduced Hangover

The CBD infused into our wines provide the consumer an uplifting and euphoric experience while reducing hangover symptoms.

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Both wine and cannabis are known for their abilities to relax and refresh the most over-worked individuals. CannaVines infused wines combines the two and doubles the anxiety relief.

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RELIEVES pains &
sore muscles

Cannabis is a natural pain reliever. Antioxidants in our wines will help to increase oxidation in the body which is a natural way to ward off pain and spasms in the muscle.

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Wine has long been a way to unwind and get in touch with one’s inner creative and when we add cannabis to the equation the ability to find a heightened inspiration is increased dramatically.

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A Cerebral,
Alert experience

The high levels of cannabinoids found in our wines provide a unique clear-headed and cerebral experience, an alertness not typically found while imbibing alcohol.

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Rich Terpene
Forward Flavor

Terpenes, the flavorful molecules found in Cannabis and other plants, add a delicious, cannabis forward flavor to our proprietary blends.

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Improves Sensual Receptivity

CannaVines encourages blood flow, receptiveness to touch, lowers inhibitions, enhances satisfaction, increases pleasure, and results in improved libido in both men and women.

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Cannabis and wine have been used by many cultures since the beginning of civilization to promote an enjoyment of a long, healthy, and prosperous life. The ancient Greeks used cannabis and wine in conjunction with each other as a powerful and natural healing substance.



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